WINTER LOON In The Wild (February, 2019)

Absolutely over the moon about this review in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. I so appreciated how the reviewer, Pamela Miller, seemed to really get some key things about the story. She writes that Wes loves both of his parents despite their deep flaws “as children do.” That’s such a subtle and beautiful acknowledgement of the way families work, how people stay in abusive relationships. She closes with, “Nothing is simple, easy or predictable in Wes’ story, yet it is highly believable and inspiring, and a thoughtful study of the complexities of family and the nature of true belonging. “Winter Loon” is a page-turner, beautifully rendered, and a most impressive debut.” And the review has now been shared in over 20 publications nationwide!

WINTER LOON In The Wild (December 17-24, 2018)

My interview with Leslie Lindsay for her blog Always With A Book went live December 21. Her questions were insightful and thoughtful. As an aside, the thank you note she sent for doing the interview was the prettiest note I think I’ve ever received. Thanks, Leslie!

I had an absolute blast talking with Caitlin Malcuit for the last Friday Morning Coffee episode of 2018 on the Writer’s Bone podcast. Check it out here! WINTER LOON also made the Books That Should Be On Your Radar list for December 2018.

The Massachusetts Cultural Council interviewed me for the ArtSake blog. I was so honored to receive that fellowship so it was a lovely full-circle moment to do this interview.

WINTER LOON in the Wild (December 1-8, 2018)

“Beautiful, stunning, and thought-provoking…” HelloGiggles

BookRiot recommends Winter Loon in the December Horoscopes and Books section. They pick it for Aries but I think any astrological sign might want to read it.

Boston Magazine says WINTER LOON is a “can’t miss” and picked it for “The Must List” for December!

Thrilling to create a moody WINTER LOON playlist for the very cool Largehearted Boy!

I have an official pub date for WINTER LOON! December 1, 2018! We're working on a cover and should have something soon. Everything I've seen so far is fabulous. So excited to share it. I'll be adding more information as it becomes available. If you'd like to be on the mailing list, please go to the Contact tab and send me an email.

I'm thrilled to announce that my debut novel, WINTER LOON, will be published by Little A, Winter 2018/2019.

WINTER LOON is the story of 16-year-old Wes Ballot and his struggle toward adulthood haunted by his mother's drowning and his father's disappearance. Stranded with his cold-hearted grandparents, he must confront his mother's demons while building a life for himself from the shambles of his broken family. WINTER LOON is about how heavy a burden the past can be, the toll that burden can exact, and the freedom that comes from letting it go for good.